Design Consultation

Our dress design consultation service is proving very popular with ladies who require some assistance in helping to choose fabrics, colours or style of dress. Margaret Talbot is our design consultant. Margaret is hugely experienced within the industry and her role within Roisin Cross Silks is one of advising and imparting much of her skill style and understanding to those requesting this service.

Colours, shape, style and a vision of the event (and sometimes circumstances!) enables her to create a sketch and from there explore possible fabrics that are suitable to what is being considered. Based on this, Margaret then prepares samples of fabrics (for you to take away) that appeal to you, allowing you time to make a further choice regarding colour and fabric. We will give you a guideline price on both the cost of the fabrics and make up cost. You may then take time to consider all that’s involved and let us know if you would like to meet the potential maker (on a later date). You may take a photo of the sketch and that together with samples of fabrics and a guideline price is essentially what is involved in the service we provide for your preparation.

We can facilitate those travelling long distances in relation to meeting both Margaret and possible dress maker on the same day, however we do feel it a good idea to take your time in considering if you would like to proceed. The design consultation usually lasts about 30 – 45 minutes.

We don’t charge for our dress design consultation service but it is necessary to make an appointment.