New Silk Collection Has Arrived

Our new collection of printed silks arrived in May 2021 – 1 week prior to re-opening!

Selecting and securing this collection was carried out in a very different manner than usual, as travelling to the Far East within the last few months was clearly not an option.

We are more than delighted  and very proud of this collection managed under extreme challenges. This years collection was selected carefully and we feel reflects the world we are now living in and the life we will be living in.  Fast moving and unpredictable and thereby versatility are becoming an inherent part of planning our attire whether for a very special day or for occasional wear.

The printed satins/crepes are 115 cms wide. Price €85.00 pm.

The printed chiffon/jap are 137 cms wide. Price €60.00 pm.

This collection of silks are all coded to facilitate communication and are all available to see in there own gallery  in addition to our full collection of stocked silks.