Silk Chiffon

Silk chiffon is one of the finest fabrics available. Our collection of silk chiffon fabrics are manufactured specifically for Roisin Cross Silks in the Far East and imported by us. All of our shades and colours are in line with and referenced by Pantone.

Silk Chiffon fabric is light with a wonderful floaty drape. The slightest breeze will send it billowing in beautiful, elegant folds. Due to its airy and light look and feel, silk chiffon fabric is ideally suited for summer wear and elegant layered or scalloped evening wear.

Silk Chiffon is a natural partner to silk crepe and silk satin fabrics. Our reference to  Pantone enables, silk chiffons, silk crepes and silk satins to compliment each other and to either match or act as a contrast.

Dimensions: 54 inches / 137cm

RRP: €38 per metre

Our silk chiffon fabric is available in over 38 shade variations