Mother of The Bride and Groom

Roisin Cross Silks have been creating outfits for the mother of the bride and groom for many years. We have recently introduced the option of a ‘design consultation’. This is especially appealing to the ladies who have somewhat of an idea of what they may like but require a little further advice or guidance! This service is available by appointment. There is no charge for this service. In the event of then knowing what you would like created and made for you, we would recommend meeting one of our 4 dressmakers.

The process of having something special made for the mother of the bride and groom may involve 3-4 fittings. Naturally, this is dependent on the amount of work necessary but we would be in a position to give you a better guide when we have an understanding of what is involved.

Naturally, pricing can be difficult without the knowledge of the design, concept or silk, but we will endeavour to give you a guideline on request.

Pieces created by using our service are typically priced as below. Please note fabrics would be an additional cost and pricing naturally relates to your choice of fabric.

  • Camisole €140.00 – €180.00
  • Skirt – €160.00 – €180.00
  • Blouse – €220.00 – €280.00
  • Trousers – €160.00 – €220.00
  • Jacket – €280.00 – €320.00
  • Dress – €380.00 – €450.00
  • Coat – €380.00 – €450.00